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Relationship 101: Great Expectations
{Monrovia Marriage Therapist}

Welcome to your first lesson in Relationship 101!

Relationship 101

As I discussed in the introduction to Relationship 101, we’ll be exploring what research says about how couples thrive in this new series.

So, let’s get started!

There is a popular marriage myth out there that says, “Divorce happens when people have too high of expectations for their marriage.”

At face value, this marriage myth makes sense: it seems logical that if we depend on our spouse to meet all of our needs, we will likely be disappointed.

However, Dr. Donald Baucom at the University of North Carolina has found in his research that high expectations for marriage is correlated with high quality marriages (meaning, highly satisfied and long-lasting).  Dr. John Gottman‘s interpretation of these findings is that couples who hold high standards for their marriages are more likely to work to improve their relationships.

Expectations = motivation.

So, now that you know what the research says about relationship expectations, let’s make this personal!

In each vlog post, you will find a challenge for your relationship. Remember: Relationship 101 is an interactive course!

I encourage you to watch these challenges with your partner, and participate in them as a couple on a weekly basis.

While you are exploring your personal expectations in relationships, I encourage you to also consider your hopes and expectations for Relationship 101! How do you hope to grow in your relationship through your participation in this series? Your feedback is welcome!

Take Care,

Megan Lundgren

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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