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Pasadena Marriage Counseling

Pasadena Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Pasadena Marriage Counseling

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Relationships for Better– Pasadena relationship therapist and marriage counselor, Megan Lundgren, LMFT is based out of Monrovia, a suburb of Los Angeles, and serves the San Gabriel Valley.

Relationships for Better is a therapy private practice in downtown Monrovia that provides marriage counseling and psychotherapy within a home-like environment. As a couples therapist, Megan Lundgren, LMFT explores how each individual and couples can thrive in their relationship.

“I believe that thriving is possible for every person. Whether you are dating, pre-marital, early marriage, or experiencing separation or divorce, Relationships for Better can provide necessary emotional support and guidance to help you move forward.”

Relationships For Better specializes in psychotherapy that focuses on relationship stages and issues, including: dating, pre-marital therapy, cohabitation, early stages of marriage, coping with marital traumas (e.g, illness, infidelity/affairs, infertility, separation, and divorce), re-committing to marriage after children, and thriving in marriage.

Relationships For Better is unique in its involvement in local communities in the San Gabriel Valley, including Pasadena. “I enjoy collaborating with local churches and organizations, and helping them to provide  programs that support relationships, including marriage workshops, relationship classes (for pre-marital or married couples) Christian couples therapy, or even date nights!”

Megan Lundgren, LMFT is available to travel throughout the United Sates to speak at conferences, churches, community events, schools, or meetings. Utilizing a discussion format to present on marriage or relationships, topics include dating, pre-marital, early-marriage, marriage after children, Christian relationships and marriage, coping with marital issues, and helping partners thrive in their relationship.


Pasadena Marriage Therapist Experience

Experience counts!

Megan Lundgren, LMFT provides relationship therapy to couples in the Pasadena area who need an experienced, trustworthy psychotherapist who is committed to the local community.


Couples Therapy Pasadena

Why should you try Couples Therapy?

Visiting a couples counselor or marriage therapist at Relationships for Better offers couples the opportunity to build necessary relational skills based on extensive research that correlate with high relational satisfaction and decreased divorce rates. Perhaps even more importantly, couples often report feeling more secure, intimate, and excited about their relationship after participating in pre-marital or marital therapy

Pre-Marital Couples Therapy

Your Wedding Lasts a Day | Your Marriage Lasts a Lifetime

Getting married is a big step in your relationship; meeting with a quality marriage therapist is worth the investment. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a history serving Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley, Megan Lundgren can help you and your fiance build a relationship that thrives. Visit the Relationships For Better website and blog, watch the Relationship 101 vlogs, and talk to your partner about booking your first session today!